Cycle World Magazine Article

  Under the right circumstances, T-Handle wrenches can be fantastic time-savers. You use both hands to break the nut or bolt loose, then use a finger on one arm of the T to quickly spin the fastener in or out. Problem is, if your other hand applies enough pressure on the shank to keep the socket end securely on the fastener, it also creates enough friction to prevent the T-Handle from spinning very quickly or for very long. But, not if you use the Turbo-T TM from Performance Design (; 334-693-9203). In some ways itís a conventional T-handle wrench, available in ľ , 3/8 and Ĺ inch drive versions or configured to accept standard Hex Bits (Philips, slotted, Allen, Torx, etc.). The big difference with the Turbo-T is that itís shank is fitted with a free turning grip that allows you to easily spin the wrench while still maintaining pressure on the fastener. The grip is knurled to allow a firm grasp, and itís fitted with special thrust washers that let you exert considerable pressure on the fastener without inhibiting the handleís ability to spin. The handle is made from Stainless Steel, and the grip of aluminum, and the grip is removable and rebuildable. The ends of the handles even have little vinyl caps to prevent accidental damage to any nearby paint. After using these tools on a few projects, Iím ready to demote my other T-Handles to the second team. The Turbo-Ts are beautifully made and work more smoothly than and efficiently than any similar tools Iíve ever used.    

  ĖPaul Dean