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  AMA Mechanic of the Year  

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Give your FCR (OEM or Aftermarket)  Equipped KTM a Shot of Performance  Like You Wouldn't Believe!  Its Simple Bolt-on HP & Performance!

 You can not buy another product for  your Single Cyl. FCR Equipped Machine that will give you better THROTTLE RESPONSE, LOW END, MID RANGE or TOP END HP & TORQUE along with great tunability PERIOD!!!  See all our applications & info.!!    

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  2008 KLR 650 Lowering Kits


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We apply our high Tech Engine Coatings to all sorts of engine products, which in turn drastically reduces heat & friction which will increase parts longevity & increase HP & Torque.

  We also regularly apply our coatings to racing suspension parts, linkages, transmission parts, valve train parts, etc. with super results. 


  Performance Design is primarily focused on Motorcycle and Automobile Racing Research and Development criteria.  Performance Design, Specializes in aftermarket, suspension and engine High-Performance parts & components . We also have a High-performance Dyno testing facility. We also do stress testing of internal race engine components, as well as suspension parts, We can provide your company with Yield strength & Tensile strength ratings of your proto-type or "already-in-production" products.  We can handle designing, developing, & manufacturing a very wide variety of high tech engine or suspension products.  This includes typical components such as crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, any valve train component, etc, to often overlooked items such as shift forks, shift drums, oiling system improving, components upgrading, clutch parts etc etc. 

 INNOVATIONS IN MOTION is what Performance Design is all about.

  Steve Kesselring, the owner of Performance Design, never accepts development work as truly being done & successful unless the component can be quite easily manufactured in its developed form, & there is no better component available. Their goal is provide your company with a "produce-able" developed refined product.  Also their Factory Level PLUS,   race engine work (when we have time to do it), is backed by Steve's nearly 30 years of Race Engine Development & Engine Building experience, in both the automotive & motorcycle racing venues. They have been building championship winning race engines & components for many many years that they never even publicized. They've been doing confidential engine development for OEM & Race Engine Component Companies for many years as well.  


As far as testing & development work, all done in-house, Performance Design, has a complete race engine machine shop , with all the  standard equipment, as well as balancing, computerized flow bench work. We have a Dynojet 200 for motorcycle work, also a Land and Sea Automotive Engine Dyno, all in a controlled atmosphere environment.  We do Internal Engine Dry Film Lubricants, Baked on Thermal Barriers, as  well as Powder Coating for other types of parts. Also included is a sheet metal fabrication, Mig & Tig Welding Department as well. 

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Lowering Kit, or Lowering Links for KLR 650Lowering    Kit for XR 250, Lowering Kit for XR400, Lowering Kit for   XR 600, Lowering Kit for XR 650 Lowering Kit for  XR650R 2008 KLR 650 Lowering kits

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  Performance Design

We were the first company to make Lowering Links for the KLR 650, & have been doing so for over 11 years, with these links & our other links being guaranteed to be the highest quality out there. We've been copied a few times by a few "places", but, never duplicated, guaranteed!!! We always design & develop all of the products we manufacture & sell, instead of copying, like the competition does. Especially since this is a critical part , you can rest assured the design & quality is over-kill on everything we produce!! As we've been doing the  KLR links so long & moved so many, we've been able to get the price down to 79.95, but more importantly, we haven't lowered the quality one bit to do so!!!.                        

             XR 650R  Lowering Link       XR650R  Lowering Kit 

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Performance Design specializes in Suspension & Engine High Performance Parts and Tools. We offer state-of-the-art high speed haHit Counter nd tools the Turbo-T & the Pro-Torque for all of your Automotive & Motorcycle Needs. Contact Performance Design for your High Performa



nce Parts needs, for Automotive Race Engine & Motorcycle Race Engine Technology.  KLR Lowering links  , KLR  650 Lowering Links , XR 600 Lowering Links , XRL 650 Lowering Links , XR 400 Lowering Links  , XR 250 Lowering Links ,  have been a specialty of ours   for years. We specialize in High Tech Engine Coatings  for Motorcycle Racing & Automotive Racing . Engine Design Engine Technology , Motorcycle Carburation , Carburation   Technology , Motorcycle Cylinder Head  ,  Motorcycle Race Head & Automotive Race Head technology. Engine Design , Engine Development , Race engine Design & Race Engine   Development are what we are about. We can supply Motorcycle Engine Builders & Motorcycle Race Engine Builders along with Automotive Engine  & Automotive Race Engine Builders with developed one-off components, or develop components for race engines and or all types of engines, to be manufactured, and can assist in the manufacturing itself     as well.  Steve Kesselring, owner of Performance Design....... Steve Kesselring Turbo-T    Pro-Torque from Performance Design LL Top quality tools, The best quality tools, is what our tool division is all about!  KTM Racing KTM performance , KTM HP ,  Horsepower for your Improve FCR Carb YZF 426 , XR600, XR650L, XR 650R, DRZ 400, KLX 250, TRX 400, LTZ 400, KFX 400, Arctic Cat 400 Quad, Lower Your XR650R, XR650R Motard,  Factory Level Race Engines, Factory Level Race Engine Development, Intake Development, Carb Development. We manufacture Race Engine productsManufacture Race Engine Components, FCR Parts



Innovations from steve kesselring & Performance DesignLLC

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