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 This first one has an interesting "twist" to it for you KLR owners!!!
Steve ,
   I really need to take the time to thank your Performance Design team for a great Product . I consider myself to be a motorcycle fancier more than I would an outright enthusiast . My riding is limited compared to the enthusiast but I assure you , safety and some reasonable performance are foremost in my mind .
    I have a 73' Triumph Hurricane that I barely ride any more , an old beat up KLR and Recently purchased a 2007 KLR650 . Being as I am , I did a fair bit of research on dual sport bikes before I purchase the 07 KLR 650 . Allow me to mention the geographic area I reside in . I am sure a great number of riders have heard of a stretch of mountain road ( hwy 64 ) in North Carolina more affectionately known as the Dragon Back and or the Dragon Tail . Well , I am looking out my in home office window right down on the Dragon Back as I type this email . I mean 200 yards away . Yes Sir , right here in the Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina .
   For those who have never heard of the ride , it is best described by folks as 40 miles of a thousand curves . The section of road I live on is the only paved vein through here with several private roads stemming out and most of them are mountain gravel roads . You know the kind of roads , looks fast but really is best described as like driving on greased ball bearings . Never the less , for a bump around bike with enough speed and torque to pull my 6 foot 2 inch 245 pound frame around , the KLR 650 came up as the clear ' best choice for me " .
    Having studied dual purpose bikes pretty thorough , I was well informed on some easy modifications the rider could make to swing the bike more in the direction of the riders intended use of the bike . My usage will be 90% + on the road and the other 10% will be bumping down the greased ball bearings . I had heard much ado about lowering links for the KLR 650 and of course began to research the best place to acquire the links . All information I sorted through pointed in one solid choice direction , Performance Design .
  After taking a several rides in my area while knocking down some break in miles , I could readily see that the lowering links were a definite candidate for my first shade tree modification . I called Performance Design and right away got Steve on the phone . Realizing Performance design is involved in much bigger fish to fry than me and my little KLR 650 , I was hoping I would at best get even the time of day from you and your staff . I have to say ," KUDOS " to Performance Design " .  Steve , I was amazed at the amount of patient time you allotted me regarding my questions about your lowering links . For the roughly $80 the links cost me , I was made to feel my purchase was just as important as the guy building a $50,000 bike . Thorough care to my needs and explanation above and beyond what I ever expected . Which in a case like mine , is limited exposure to high tech riding .
   Now , on to raving about the positive transformation my KLR 650 took on from this simple modification . To start with , the mod took me about 20 minutes and that included chasing down all my misplaced tools . The Lowering Links were so well finished out , from the over all look and feel all the way to the packaging . What I hope to be explaining here is that I never once felt I was getting anything less than an absolute quality product . Without fail , I cold not resist the test drive portion of this event . Grabbed my helmet , checked for my wallet , hit the starter and off I go . I do need to describe the ride down my drive way to the highway  . My drive is about  15% grade and the surface is a mix of gravel and over sized rock . In other words , every ride I take starts on a steep pile of greased ball bearings . When my sport and full dress riding buddies vist me , they all give me much grief over the near impossible on a sport or full dress bike 3/10ths of a mile with a nasty switch back driveway . Most park at the bottom and walk up .
  So , off I go . Immediately , going down the drive was a both feet on pegs with about 1,000% more stability . I even found myself making a helmet adjust with one hand . This drive can grab a front wheel and yank you over a 20 foot vertical drop before you can blink . Wow , already I am having double the fun and I haven't even hit the road yet . Out the drive to the left about 100 yards is the first set of 20 mph S curves . Bearing in mind , I am somewhat of a modest rider . Not much of a wheel stander or super power slider but don't mind hammering once in a while sort fo rider . When I encountered the S curves ( by the way , these set of curves are called " The Head Hunter's " curves ) at my typical speed of about 25 mph , I was nothing less than amazed at how the bike "snugged" into the curves . I simply was elated at the level of confidence the lowering links gave to the feel of the bike . I was so enthralled at the transformation that I kept turning around and riding back through the " Head Hunter " for about 20 minutes . I took my typical 25 mph speed up to as far as 50 mph , and let me tell you  don't ride like that .
  After putting my 1,000 break in miles on the bike with roughly 500 of those miles without the lowering links and the other 500 miles with them , I wonder why Kawasaki didn't do this to start with . If a casual rider like myself can increase performance like that in a few short minutes , I can only imagine the difference a Hot Dog rider would enjoy . Yes , you do lose about 1 5/8ths" in height , but with my big body frame and weighing in at 245 pounds , I still cannot bottom out the KLR 650 with my off road riding style . I really cannot say enough positive things about the handling transformation in the bike .   
   What I can say is this . If someone is a KLR buff and doubts the quality in transformation and quality of product , I recommend them install a set and enjoy . Heck , if they don't like them they can always change them back to stock . We have all learned less for allot more money in other areas of life so I find this a cheap and worthy change for all to enjoy . I in turn , also replaced my stock fork springs with Progressive springs and tossed on a fork brace . With the Lowering Links and the other front end mods took me less than three hours of work at a casual shade tree pace . The transformation ...... FUN FUN FUN . If asked to best explain the new feel the Lowering Links gave my bike , I could only describe it as suddenly , my KLR 650 rides like an old scrambler in general , but would peel through tight mountain curves as if they were straight flat highway . Again , the greased ball bearing rides are done with an amazing increase in confidence .
  Thanks Steve and crew mates . With the high tech products you guys bang out around there , and taking time to do something so helpful for riders of a Bump and Thump bike like the KLR 650 tells all of us that you guys pay attention to detail and quality no matter what the project . Knowing that makes anyone with self respect a fan of the Performance Design Team . I can't imagine any rider of any skill not immediately noticing and appreciating these Lowering Links .
Please consider adoption before purchasing a pet .
Thanks much , Wes, RAGZ, MITZO, OhZee , BIZZY , and BARQ the cat .



Steve, I just wanted to say thanks again... I bought this item as a complete novice and you walked me totally through proper jetting.  This absolutely rips!  3rd gear power wheelies on command!  No more stumbles, or surging.  Just nice, smooth acceleration.  It makes a nice addition on the FCR MX.  Also your customer service is absolutely out of this world, I wish other business' would take notice.     -Dan  

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I just thought I would drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate all the top-level engine work and tools we have received from you and your company. Everything we have gotten has always been top shelf quality, and attention to detail is what sets your \work apart from all the others. I truly believe we couldn’t have won the races and championships we have without your work. Week after week we counted on and demanded everything to work to the extreme limits, we had to be meticulous in our prep and rebuilds, your products and engine work never let us down. I look forward to many more championships with your help. Your engine coatings have worked extremely well on everything you’ve coated for us!

Thanks again


Jeff Harding, Owner

Hardings Harley Davidson Evo-Twin Racing

First & Second, w/two bikes in the 2004 Formula USA Thunderbike National Championship

First in the 2003 CCS Lightweight Superbike National Championship

Holder 2 AMA land speed records, Bonneville

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I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the tools that you have produced.  These tools are a must for any mechanic’s tool box.  The Turbo T is extremely fast and is great to be able to take to pit lane and make quick preload adjustments.  It has also been very useful for quick removal of many fasteners on our bike.  It truly helps to speed up the process when working on the bike compared to regular T handles.  I love the Stainless steel and the knurled handle.  The stainless steel provides and excellent finish and I never have to worry about chrome plating flaking off.  The Knurled handle provides a sure grip to ensure good pressure and a quick spin.  The screwdriver works great as well.  The long shank on them allows me to get to those difficult to reach fasteners that a regular screwdriver cannot reach.  It also allows me to put maximum pressure on the screw and keep that pressure there when I am turning it.  This helps to prevent from stripping the head of the screw.  I must say that the products that Performance Design produces are of the utmost quality and I have been impressed with them.  You have definitely taken the extra step to ensure a top quality product.

Rocky Stargel
Team Stargel Yamaha

AMA Mechanic of the Year




  In the thirty years that I have been a mechanic I have used many "speed" handles and T handles, nothing compares to The Turbo-Ts and Pro-Torque drivers. These tools are way ahead of others in quality of construction and performance. This is the speediest speed tool of all, and they’re reasonably priced as well.



Six time AMA/Prostar Top Fuel Champion

From the shop of Larry (Spiderman) McBride: 

The Turbo-T is just what it says it is it makes speed handles a thing of the past.  A very well built tool to serve any mechanic well. The Pro-Torque driver is versatile tool for getting those hard to hold-the-bit-in-the-fastener-jobs , for one thing, like adjusting carbs. The Fork-Aligner is a must for any shop doing front end work on anything from Top Fuel to Road Racing to the everyday Street Rider. This tool definitely adds a extra measure of safety to any job having to do with your forks. 


Steve McBride

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PeSee a long list of Tesrformance Design specializes in Suspension & Engine High Performance Parts and Tools. We offer state-of-the-art high speed hand tools the Turbo-T & the Pro-Torque for all of your Automotive & Motorcycle Needs. Contact Performance Design for your High Performance Parts needs, for Automotive Race Engine & Motorcycle Race Engine Technology.