Private Label R&D Manufacturing

 We here have been in the Research & Development, Performance Engine Building & Aftermarket Products Business,
professionally, for over 30 years. We have been building race engines daily, for the public (along with some Industrial
engines as well), for at least 20 of those years. Chassis, & suspension work, design, Development, & manufacturing as
well. As far as race engines are concerned it incl`d many types of automotive, marine, etc, to Motorcycles, Sleds, & 
ATV Race Engines. We built many of our own custom components throughout, as well.

 We went from this, to doing R&D, & Manufacturing of precision products, related to the same Industry, approx. ten
years ago. We still build Race Engines, but only at top level (no "budget" engines), and do it partially for help w/research
& development. We can even design your packaging, & do many types of packaging in-house as well.

  We are now doing our own products along with products from many other companies as well. We also do Private label
R&D along with the manufacturing end. We can handle all types of machining, stamping, forging, die/casting, balancing,
flow work, many many types of coatings, destructive & non-destructive type testing, precision fabrication, & the list
continues on & on. We do Military work as well as work for over-sea's companies as well. From several dozen high tech
parts, to several thousand parts per month, can be handled for your company. We do work for the medical industry to
work for the Industrial type companies. Tool development & manufacturing is handled as well.

  If you have any questions about what we can do for your company or organization, give Steve Kesselring a call
at  334-693-9203, or email us at